Citizen Action Networks (CAN CAN)

Citizen Action Networks (CAN CAN)

We can address the climate emergency at the same time as radically evolving democracy in 3 steps. 1) Working at municipal / regional level, invite collaboration between those who have been working on climate solutions for decades to write clear plan for going carbon neutral by 2025 in their area 2) Invite all citizens of that place into a digital network where they can get cheap access to those solutions 3) use that network as community hub / site for rolling out liquid democracy + assemblies


It gives those working on climate solutions a way to collaborate on an Emergency plan locally. It gives citizens clear ways of taking action to benefit their community. It provides a new container for local democracy. When there are CANs across the country, they will directly influence government policy.

Rather than digital hubs why not actual hubs? places where people can meet and discuss, particularly around food and childcare, libraries. Don't forget those who are not privileged to live in safe liberal seats, who have to make do with very little and often live in stressful and violent communities.

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