Hearing Out Coloured Communities and Educating the Many

Hearing Out Coloured Communities and Educating the Many

Displaced and migrated communities now in the UK (South Asians, Africans, Caribbean, e.c.t) who's living and previous generations have faced the wrath of nature and labour exploitation. How can XR engage and create a safe space to 1)Reach out and empower that do not identify with the majority representative culture of XR. 2)Educate XR members on the historical experiences and nature dependencies of these communities. We need healing too, when homes that were once homes are being destroyed(...)


XR have very briefly acknowledged UK communities of colour . I engaged w/ XR through the week but was sad to see the little rep from POC. The industries and governments we are challenging have fuelled these structures through IPRs, Debt Cycles, Colonial Violence. Migration can have profound socio-psychological implications decades later it can continue to shape a sense of self and attachment to relevant social categories. Also, there's an experience of powerlessness and privilege.

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