Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion

Here you'll find ideas generated and shared during the People's Assemblies during Extinction Rebellion. Participatory democracy at all scales is the future, and a central part of XR's strategy. Visit www.rebellion.earth/peoples-assemblies for more info.


Alternative Democracy Parliament Square 15th Apr

Alt Democracy 3 Oxford Circus 11:30 16th April

Children's Assembly Parliament Square 18/04

Parliament Square 17/04

Extinction Rebellion DEFRA Meeting

Leaving Strategy PA Marble Arch 22/04

SW Waterloo Bridge Gathering

Alt Democracy 3 Parliament Sq 6pm 16th April

Knife Crime

Spirituality and Activism Marble Arch 21/04

Leaving Strategy PA Marble Arch 23/04

Spread the Message Waterloo Bridge 16/04

Inclusion Waterloo Bridge 18/04

Earth Centred Politics Parliament Sq 4:30-6:00pm

Escalation. Waterloo Bridge 18/04

Escalation Marble Arch 18/04

Earth-Centred, Feminised Politics

Marginalised Voices. Parliament Square 18/04

Alternative Democracy: Citizen's Assemblies

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